Pure Coconut Water (1L)

Your favorite organic coconut water now available for delivery to your door. Our organic coconut water is single-sourced with nothing added and never from concentrate. Bottled at the source in the remote Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Save the plane fare this the closest thing to cracking open a fresh coconut.

Organic Coconut Water 

Serving Size 240ml
Servings per Container - About 4l
Calories 50l
Total Fat 0gl
Saturated 0 gl
Trans Fat 0 gl
Cholesterol 0 mgl
Sodium 110 mgl
Carbohydrate 12 gl
Fiber 0 gl
Sugars 8 gl
Protein 0 gl
Calcium 0%l
Potassium 15%

  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
  • Nutritional content may vary slightly due to the natural characteristics of our ingredients

This is by far the best coconut water! I do prolonged fasts and this is the best way to get your electrolytes and some natural sugar after a fast. You guys rock!

Christine A