Simple, delicious, organic ingredients. Sustainably sourced.

Acai-Chia Parfait layered with Berries

An over the top decadent healthy breakfast, ready to be devoured by the spoonful.

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Mango-Peach Lassi Smoothie

A smoothie that takes inspiration from the flavors and traditions of Indian.

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Tropical Smoothie Bowl finished with Fresh Pineapple, Berries, Kiwi, and Coconut Chips

Whisk yourself away on a tropical vacation, here’s your ticket to joining the smoothie bowl revolution.

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Green Goddess Detox Smoothie

Feeling under the weather? Eating out too much? Start out the day with this energy boosting smoothie.

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Refreshing Fruit-Infused Coconut Water

Easy to make, healthy and delicious! Say farewell to soda and sugary drinks.

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Fruity Aguas Frescas

Refreshing, colorful and perfect for quenching your summer thirst. 

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